Manufacturers & Publishers

The manufacturers of Warhammer, Warhammer 40k and many other games!

They bring us D&D, Star Wars miniatures, Magic The Gathering and many other games.

The official website for Bloodbowl, Mordheim, Epic and other less mainstream GW games.

They produce material for such games as Paranoia, Babylon 5, Traveler and Signs and Portents to name just a few.

The official website for the Cursed Empire role playing game.

The creators of such roleplaying games as Mutants And Masterminds and True D20.



Sellers of a very large number of miniatures from an also large variety of manufacturers. They also sell some board games and scenery.

The personal company of one of our members, they offer a range range of products!

Specialists in providing Bloodbowl miniatures

Not a specialist in gaming products but you can find loads of things on here if you look hard enough!

A good place to pick up a number of roleplaying books and games

Other Clubs & Organisations

The website for the Gaming Club Network (GCN)

This website provides loads of details of clubs, conventions, gamers, and shops in the uk. You also find articles, blogs, downloads, interviews, and reviews.


The website for the Order of the Stick webcomic. A gaming webcomic about the adventurers of 6 stick figure heroes battling their way through a world based on a popular roleplaying game

A very funny webcomic made using screenshots taken from a very popular Sci-fi film and its sequels and prequels.

A webcomic site with a number of different storylines, some gaming related and some less so.

The official website for Marvel comics.

The official website for the DC universe comics.